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Maurice Herrera, CMO, SodaStream

"I used Avi twice, at Weight Watchers and SodaStream and I was deeply impressed by his knowledge of agencies and how well he matched client culture to the right agency."

"He managed our creative and media reviews and the agencies compensation negotiations. Avi Dan is simply the best consultant I ever worked with. His knowledge was invaluable."


Oliver Bonke, Chief Commercial Officer, Loew's Hotels


Benjamin Karsch, CMO, Cigna

"I used Avidan Strategies on a number of projects, from negotiating compensation with our partners, to improving the in-house agency to multiple reviews. His level of competence and expertise is unrivaled."

Bridgette Heller, President, Merck

"He ran the best review I ever observed . He is extremely buttomed-up and the agencies respect him a great deal. He's a pro. "

Bob Jacobs, V.P. Starwood North America

"Avi came to us highly recommended by a former colleague and he lived up to the expactations. His stewardship of the review, fee negotiations and drafting the MSA was flawless."

Andy Young, Director of Advertising, ADT

"Avi ran three reviews for us concurrently, for creative, media and digital respectively, and did a great job guiding us."

Brian Povinelli, SVP, Westin

"Avi is the consummate pro. His knowledge and expertise of the agency sector is unrivaled. I don't think that we could have done our review as well without him."

Christina Meringolo, V.P. Agency Relations, Bayer

"Avi ran a digital agency review for us. His knowledge of agencies and counsel were critical to the success of the undertaking, providing leadership and great advice."

John Morris, V.P. Advertising, Travelers Insurance

"We hired Avidan Strategies to review how we compensate our agencies and develop recommendations for a fair fee based on their proprietary benchmarks and review of SOW."

Sean O'Sullivan, Director, Global Procurement, Intel

"We used Avi to review our creative, media and SEO agencies compensation. He benchmarked the agencies and gave us invaluable insight into the fee structure using his proprietary data."


"I hired Avi 3 times in the last 2 years. His knowledge of agencies was invaluable to us and I couldn't help but notice how highly respected he is by the agencies as well. I think that was a major part of our success."

Lesya Lysyj, CMO, Boston Beer Co.


Andrea Primmer, Chief Marketing and PR Officer, Ally Financial

"Avi managed 3 concurrent reviews for us, for creative, media and digital agencies, concurrently. He lined up great agencies and managed the reviews efficiently. He is the consummate pro.


Chris Hummel, CMO, United Rentals

"As a B to B company I assumed that it would be tough to get a top notch agency. Through his connection and reputation Avi lined up some of the most creative agency in the business and the competition was intense."


Tony Wells, CMO, ADT

"Avi managed 3 reviews for us, for creative, media and digital agencies. He's done a great Jon of running a smooth process and attracting the best agencies."

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